20+ Landing pages for Early user validation

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What does this product help you with?

Validate your idea before building the product.

Includes tips with examples of actual products across business models and product offerings.

Who is this list for?

Any Entrepreneur or a Product manager who wants to VALIDATE an idea before building the product

How did we select these Landing Pages?

We went through 720+ unique websites to get their Landing pages (from current and earlier versions).

Scores are assigned based on:

1. Simplicity of the MVP landing page

2. Tools used

3. Less cognitive load (for better UX)

4. Depth of info on the page (for early users)

Each Landing page has info of the following:

1. What makes the landing page unique

2. Why it gives high conversion rates?

3. Tools used

4. Best suited for which kind of business models (SaaS, services, e-commerce, API products etc)

5. Website URL

6. Tags to categorize the Landing pages

How to access this list?

For Starter Pack:
After purchasing, you will be given a Notion file link (inside Gumroad). Open it, duplicate it and use it !! It is that simple.

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20+ Landing pages for Early user validation

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